Why work with world wise distribution?

Are you a supplier to the natural, organic, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, halal, kosher, green products, supplement or specialty food trade? Are you interested in growing your business in an untapped region? If so, we should talk. World Wise Distribution is the primary natural and organic distributor based in Central Canada. We focus on wholesaling natural, functional health food solutions to retail and food service markets. We have a variety of products including specialty fresh, frozen, meat, dairy and dry grocery.  World Wise is a distributor to hundreds of business customers, ranging from natural food stores to large format chain grocery locations and food service operators. Launching a new product in the natural food industry or entering in a new region can be a difficult, World Wise is here to help make the process cost effective and successful.

Our Services:

Our business development reps visit stores weekly and work closely with their customers using a full service approach which includes electronic order generation, product placement and merchandising services. These services ensure the brands that we represent get the prime shelf space in the regions we service. Our business development reps ensure that our brands are visible to the end consumer and that they sell through to benefit all parties in the supply chain. Our company also has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable Marketing Demo Reps. These demo reps showcase products in stores and at special events to ensure your brand is launched correctly. We work to maximize value for your brand andavoid free fills and other costly forms of listings. We truly are here to work with your brands best interest for long term success in mind. In today's highly competitive natural food marketplace, these added service features go a long way in ensuring the success and longevity of your brand.

Strategic Warehouse Location:

We are strategically located in the center of North America in the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor allowing us, your brand and your customers to benefit from logistical cost savings which directly affect your retail shelf price. By being positioned at the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor we can tap into the "CentrePort" initiatives, a multimillion dollar federally funded initiative designed to allow the metropolitan area around our warehouse to function as the most efficient shipping location in North America. From this location we can serve the Canadian market in an efficient cost effective way, allowing for consistent national product pricing and fast delivery times for all of our customers.

our mission:

At World Wise our mission is to enhance the lives of Canadians by increasing the availability of quality food products in the marketplace and in the process try to change the state of the natural and organic food market in Central Canada!